Backstage at Barbara í Gongini AW16

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be backstage at a fashion show? If so, then here is your chance to discover what goes on behind the scenes. I’ve asked my good friend, Kristian Brandt, to jot down his experience of walking the Barbara í Gongini AW16 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. This is his story…


“Before entering the doors at Copenhagen City Hall, you first have to make your way through a sea of street-style photographers, snapping pictures of whoever they find in their fancy. It’s a special feeling. It’s almost like being in Hollywood, with all the paparazzi watching your every move. This is not an everyday experience, and once again I appreciate that I’m able to step in and out of this extravagant universe, as I please.

After finally managing to get inside the City Hall, you are greeted by a team of coordinators and assistents, who make sure that everything is on track. In addition, all the models have their own personal dresser, whose job it is to take care of you, and make sure that you are dressed in time for the show. Of course you also have a large selection of food and beverages at your disposal.


When everyone’s settled in, you do a runway rehearsal, to fix any flaws or mistakes prior to the show. This is where the coordinators make sure that you walk right, that the line-up is in place and points out if you need any final touch-ups.

Following the rehearsal, there’s an hour left before the show starts, which is plenty of time to get in the zone. I used the time to get to know my fellow colleagues as well as talk to my assistant Carmen. By talking to some of the younger models, I can tell that they are nervous, so as one of the more experienced ones there, I try to calm them down.

With the show approaching, a couple of photographers come backstage to get some behind-the-scenes footage. The respectful ones ask for permission first, whereas the others just snap away regardless of models getting dressed in the background – but that’s just the way it is. In the mean time, Barbara walks around to make sure that everything is set and that everyone is comfortable.


Now it’s showtime! The models are lined-up and the countdown has begun. As I prepare myself for the first walk down the runway, I try to get in the right rhythm by listening to the mellow music being played in the background.

It’s time. Strolling down the runway, the cameras start flashing, and you get that adrenaline kick, you’ve been waiting for all day. As I exit the runway, I start undressing and Carmen helps me get in the second outfit. When changing, you don’t have that much time, so you need to be efficient. This is by far the most stressing thing when doing a show.


Following my second trip down the runway, a couple of ballet-dancers from The Royal Danish Ballet end the show in a spectacular fashion. Another succesful show for the Faroese designer, who once again manages to make her mark on the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Now it’s time for a glass of champagne!”


Pictures shot by Copenhagen Fashion Week and Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21éme.