Eastern Promises

Directed by David Cronenberg, “Eastern Promises” (2007) tells the riveting tale of Anna, a Russian-British midwife, who gets entangled with the Russian Mafia in London. The film revolves around the subject of sex-trafficking and it is especially known for its detailed depiction of Russian career criminals, including a portrayal of the tattoos usually worn by them.

“Eastern Promises” stars Naomi Watts, Vincent Cassel and of course Viggo Mortensen, who plays the terrifying chauffeur/enforcer/cleaner named Nikolai Luzhin.

Fun fact: The part earned him an Academy Award nomination for best actor.

Among various different memorable scenes from the film, there’s especially one that will keep you from going to the public sauna/steam-room any time soon. But you have to watch the movie to find out why.

You can as always start off by watching the trailer below: