Five Street Style Icons

Street style has grown to become one the leading sources of fashion inspiration. It is almost as if, during fashion weeks around the world, more photos are being taken outside on the streets, than at the actual shows. It would seem that the runways, to some extent, have been overtaken by street style. This change in the fashion dynamics has created a new group of very influential people – also known as the street style icons!

In the following sections, you will be introduced to five of the most influential male street style icons out there.


Nickelson Wooster
You don’t have to be a street style connoisseur to know the man in the picture above. His name is Nickelson Wooster, also known by his street style name “The Woost God”.

Nick Wooster is the Godfather of street style, and with an impressive resume, including brands such as Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren, Thom Browne and a handful of top tier department stores – he is also the most experienced one on the list.

The Woost God is currently a free agent, but has recently made a capsule collection with the Italian fashion house Lardini, focusing on effortlessly elegant tailoring and outerwear.

Personal style: Wooster is easy to spot in a crowd with his characteristic handlebar moustache, tattoo sleeves and Silver Fox hair. He is also known for his tailored blazers and is one of few people in the world, who really knows how to rock a pair of shorts.


Swann & Loïc Joachim
As you might have guessed, if you didn’t know already, Swann and Loïc are twins. The two Parisian brothers run their own blog at Les Freres Joachim, where they post pictures of themselves and their ridiculously great style. But don’t expect to be showered with daily outfit inspiration as they only post new pictures occasionally – like once a month.

The twins are still somewhat of a mystery, and the fact that they look exactly the same, doesn’t help us getting to know who these Parisian trendsetters really are. The little that we do know, is that they live in Paris, they both studied art and communication, and that they are currently running the GANT Rugger store located in Le Marais, Paris.

Personal style: The twins’ style can be summed up in three words – overcoats, sneakers and dress pants. This fusion between preppy menswear and hyped sneakers has according to renowned street style photographer, Tommy Ton, made the Parisian brothers some of the best-dressed men in fashion.


David Gandy
David Gandy is a 35-year-old British model, columnist for British Vogue and British GQ, and last but not least, every single street style photographer’s wet dream.

Gandy kick started his career back in 2001, after winning a televised modeling competition. And even though he struggled to get work in the beginning of his career, he is said to have had a huge part in reinstating a masculine standard in the fashion industry. As opposed to the skinny, androgynous, Size Zero models, conceptualized by designers like Hedi Slimane.

Gandy is more than a model though, and as mentioned he is a columnist for British Vogue and British GQ, where he writes about fashion, cars and his life in London. David also has his own range of underwear and swimwear, which he has designing in a collaboration with Marks & Spencer.

Personal style: Gandy is always dressed impeccably well in his tailored suits and handmade Italian shoes, and even if you ever catch him stray away from these – he does it with flair. To further convince you of Gandy’s exceptional style, he just won Hugo Boss Most Stylish Man at this year’s GQ Men of the Year Awards.

ACF-Karl Edwin Guerre

Shaka Maidoh & Sam Labert
Shaka Maidoh (left) and Sam Lambert (right) are founders of the London-based art collective Art Comes First. And even though they are well known in the world of fashion, many still have a hard time pinpointing exactly, what it is that they do. In an interview last year, Shaka tried to clear that up by saying:

“Art Comes First sees itself as a styling agency, as we have a stylistic approach to designing, photography, and pretty much everything we do”

Last year the two creative tailors gave people something to pinpoint, as they released their first clothing collection under the brand name Avec Ces Freres. The collection was entitled “Travelling tailoring by travelling tailors” – a very fitting name in their situation, as Sam and Shaka have spent most of their lives travelling from place to place. This also explains why their most recent collection is entitled “Modern Day Gypsy”.

Personal style: Being expert tailors and all, Shaka as well as Sam have a very classic yet modern approach to how they dress. Tailoring is of course an essential part of all their outfits, but they aren’t afraid of sprucing things up a bit, being it a colorful pair of brogues or a Kufi (traditional West African hat).


Justin O’Shea
The bearded gentleman in the picture above is Justin O’Shea, Buying Director of online luxury retailer Mytheresa.com. O’Shea was a late bloomer, when it comes to realizing his flair for fashion, and his gifts first came to show in his mid-twenties, when he started working for a showroom. Here he succeeded in getting the French denim brand April 77 into Rei Kawakubo’s exclusive concept store Dover Street Market. Since then, O’Shea has worked for a powerful luxury retailer in Kuwait, called Al Ostoura, before being headhunted to Mytheresa.com.

When you think of Justin O’Shea, you might also think about his better half – Veronika Heilbrunner. The two of them make one of the most photographed couples in street style history, and they are to be found at almost every single fashion week all year round!

Personal style: O’Shea is a man’s man with lots of tattoos, a big beard and a wardrobe full of tailored suits (which he gets made exclusively at his New York tailor, Doyle Mueser). Besides his bespoke tailor, his favorite brands are Louis Vuitton, Prada and Acne Studios, and he almost never goes outside without a pair of sunglasses.

In addition, O’Shea recently shaved off both his legendary beard as well as his slick back hair. He pulls it of though!