From 80’s icon to fashion frontrunner

The iconic Danish sportswear brand, H2O, is introducing it’s first fashion collection. With a new team leading the way the ambition is to conquer the Danish fashion industry once and for all.

H2O made a name for themselves back in the 80’s and 90’s, where you could barely cross your doorstep without being exposed to a pair of the fabled H2O slip-ons or logo-socks. As the years went by though, H2O gradually disappeared from the public eye, and soon the slip-ons and the iconic logo vanished from the Danish streets.

Last year, H2O initiated a rebranding process, where they appointed Nikolaj Valentin and Steffen Larsen of S.T.Valentin as creative directors of the once so beloved sportswear brand. As a way of resurrecting H2O, Valentin and Larsen reintroduced the slip-ons and created a retro-capsule collection inspired by old archives and catalogues. Nikolaj Valentin elaborates on the new rebranded H2O:

“People need to understand that H2O isn’t just a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Our intention is to rebuild the brand to its former glory, while bringing them into the 21st century. H2O is a proud Danish brand with a lot of heritage, and we will not allow it to repeat the mistakes of the past”


The new unisex fashion collection is way cleaner than previously seen, and with slim silhouettes and an edgy 90’s inspired color palette, Steffen Larsen is convinced that H2O is able to make the transition from 80’s icon to fashion frontrunner :

“In the past, H2O was known for its stripes and to make use of color-blocking and we could easily do yet another full retro-collection – but then we would be out of the game a year from now. Our intention is to stay true to our roots, making use of the best elements from the past, while making sure that each style is 100% up to date”

The new collection will be released in the end of May and will be available in a range of carefully selected stores around Denmark.


For more about H2O and the guys behind the brand, go check out S.T. Valentin, where you can already shop a few of the new styles. Lookbook shot by Alexander Höllsberg.