Han Kjøbenhavn AW16

Han Kjøbenhavn once again solidified their position as one of the most prominent Danish brands, when they on Wednesday night presented their new AW16 collection. Located in the heart of Copenhagen, the show featured a deranged installation that seriously made the attendees reconsider their sentiment towards their old teddy-bears.

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The show was set in a large hall in the autonomous neighborhood known as Christiania. This location meant that the air wasn’t only filled with anticipation, but also with the distinct scent of prime grade cannabis. This just added to the already buzzing ambiance, and the graffiti-painted venue seemed the perfect spot for what to come.

After being granted access to the venue, the first thing to steal your eyes was the sight of a 20-foot tall teddy-bear. Placed in the back of the room, with plastic-tubes hooked up to its teats, the worn out mother-bear acted as the centerpiece of the installation. Through the plastic-tubes she nurtured her cubs following their walk down the runway – like some sort of “milking-station”. As a regular part of a Han Kjøbenhavn show the models wore masks. This time the masks were inspired by the overall theme being teddy-bears.


The collection itself was a cornucopia of faux fur and featured a wide array of overcoats as well as football-jerseys accompanied by tight joggers with zippers. Hereby the Danish brand chose to ignore, what otherwise looks to be one of the leading trends for AW16 – wider-legged pants.

Another on-going theme throughout the collection was the printed shirts featuring the names and phone-numbers of real life Copenhagen-based contractors. So if your house is in need of insulation or if you are in the need a good brick-layer – then just drop by one of the Han Kjøbenhavn stores this summer and check out their selection of tops.

In an interview with Cover.dk, the two founders, Tim Faith Hancock and Jannik Wikkelsøe-Davidsen, explain that the collection draws inspiration from their childhood with elements of football-hooliganism, the Copenhagen suburbs and their own teenage wardrobe. The full collection holds more than 150 pieces, but only a curated selection was picked out for the show.

In the pictures below, courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week, you can check out three of the most significant looks from the new collection.  




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