Han Kjøbenhavn – Danish Design

On May 1st of 2008, Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen and Tim Faith Hancock founded Han Kjøbenhavn, which over the past 7 years has become one of the most prominent menswear brands in Denmark. The Copenhagen based brand is also nationally, as well as internationally, recognized for its Scandinavian design aesthetic, and for its popular line of sunglasses.

The sunglasses are actually where it all started for Han Kjøbenhavn back in 2008, and even though a lot of focus is put into their clothing, the shades still remain the core of the business.

The glasses come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, and you can now get 8 different models – all in a great number of colorways.

They range from the simple “Timeless Black” to the more extravagant “Doc Clip-On Wolf”, but they are all made of Italian acetate, have Japanese nickel free hinges and use the renowned Carl Zeiss lenses.

Fun fact: Han Kjøbenhavn has a habit of using older men in their lookbooks. They do so, as they feel it’s a more honest approach to show men, who have led real and sometimes hard lives, as to putting the clothes on young skinny models, who don’t have a clue. In the picture below you see Steen, who has done a lot of lookbooks for Han Kjøbenhavn, but in the future you will probably see the new guy, Bjarne, more often.


Go big or go home!
In February of 2012, Han Kjøbenhavn opened the doors to its first flagship-store, located in the heart of Copenhagen on Vognmagergade 7 – and where others might choose to start off in more modest surroundings, Han Kjøbenhavn chose to go big!

The store is not only big in size, but in creativity, craftsmanship and design as well. Han Kjøbenhavn has on Vognmagergade 7, managed to create their own universe, drawing inspiration from timeless Danish design and successfully mixing it with a modern touch, making sure that no detail be forgotten. Entering the dark wooden doors of Vognmagergade 7 is like entering a portal into another dimension – the dimension that is Han Kjøbenhavn.

NB: This picture gives an idea of the size of the store, but in any other way it does not do the store justice – so go check it out in person!


South of Houston Street lies 27 Prince
Since the opening of Vognmagergade 7, Han Kjøbenhavn has launched a store in New York, located in SoHo on 27 Prince Street. The store is a quarter (if not less) the size of that in Copenhagen, but still they have managed to transfer that unique Han Kjøbenhavn universe all the way across the Atlantic to the city that never sleeps. The store has even received praise from the legendary New York Times, who back in December 2013 brought an article about the store. The article was written by Jon Caramanica, who had personally visited the store, and had experienced such good service, that he just had to do a story about the little store on 27 Prince.


Parlez-vous français?
Following up on their success in both Copenhagen and New York, Han Kjøbenhavn recently opened yet another store. This time located, in what many would describe as the fashion capital of the world – Paris!

Compared to its flagship-stores in Copenhagen and New York, 3 Rue des Rosiers has a more modern, almost futuristic look to it. Besides the clothing and the blue color pallet, which recurs in in all three stores, the store in Paris stands out with its strict approach to monochromatic décor, and by keeping the whole store in different shades of grey (no pun intended).

The store is found in the 4th arrondissement on “the street of rosebushes” in 3 Rue des Rosiers.



Old men, suicides and tattoos
Han Kjøbenhavn has a very unique style, and it comes to show in almost everything they do. From clothing and stores to employees and models, the Danish brand always stands out in the crowd.

For instance starting with the Han Kjøbenhavn staff, it seems they all have a very specific unified appearance. This appearance involves large beards, lots of tattoos and loads of self-esteem – and having had the pleasure of meeting most of the staff, it is only few, who don’t match the description above. It is almost as if there is a secret, unspoken dresscode at Han Kjøbenhavn. Below is a picture of the two owners, Jannik (left) and Tim (right), who themselves live up to all three points. The picture is shot by Kenneth Nguyen before their SS15 show in Copenhagen.


Moving on to their shows, they have during the past three seasons had all of their models wearing masks. This creates a look that is specific for the collection, and it makes sure that the clothing is always in focus. They did it both in this seasons AW15 collection (as shown in the top picture), as well as in the two previous collections, the SS15 and the AW14.

Fun fact: One of the models fainted during the AW14 show, probably caused by anxiety, heat and the mask he had to wear. But it gets worse, because at the AW15 show, one of the models even committed suicide on stage. This was, in all fairness, just a part of the show – see for yourself.


The last three seasons, the Han Kjøbenhavn shows have been seamlessly on point, and many will be looking forward to seeing, what they have in store for their SS16 collection, which by the way is called Bearhead Kingdom. Until then you can enjoy their AW15 collection, ÄPPARAAT, which is already available in select stores.