Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

With more than 724.000 visitors in 2015, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is by far the most popular museum in Denmark. Located in Humlebaek about 45 minutes north of Copenhagen, this country house turned museum is unmatched when it comes to attracting and exhibiting some of the world’s most renowned artists.


Country house turned museum
Lousiana was founded in 1958 by Knud W. Jensen, who initially intended for the museum to be a place only for modern Danish art. But after a few years of being predominantly a Danish collection, Knud W. Jensen changed the course of Louisiana, making it an international museum.

This change has since then proved to be of vital importance, as Louisiana today has become one of the world’s most respected venues when it comes to attracting artists and exhibitions of the highest international standard.

 Fun fact: Louisiana is named after the three wives of Alexander Brun, who all were named Louise. Alexander Brun was the original owner, and the one who built the country house back in 1855.


The Louisiana Collection
Louisiana’s collection consists of more than 3.500 works of Danish and international art spanning from 1945 to the present, including almost every genre, but with an emphasis on painting and sculptures.

With such a vast collection, the works on display are in constant flux, but some of the exhibitions such as the Giacometti Gallery (as shown in the picture above), the Jorn Gallery and Kusama’s installation “Gleaming Lights of the Soul” are almost always on view.

Kusama Louisiana

Yayoi Kusama at Louisiana
One of the current exhibitions at Louisiana is made by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Born in 1929, the now 86-year-old Kusama has become one of the most notable and respected figures in modern art, gaining world fame from more than 6 decades of luring viewers into her infinite universe of brightly colored, sprawling patterns, covering the surfaces of paintings, sculptures and even across entire rooms. Kusama is especially famous for her use of the “polka dot”, which can be seen on most of her works.

As the first Scandinavian museum to host this prestigious and retrospective exhibition, Louisiana has managed to attract one of the absolute superstars, when it comes to modern art. The exhibition runs until the 24th of January 2016, for then to continue its tour throughout the Scandinavian countries.

Louisiana front

When visiting Louisiana you aren’t just there for the art. You are also there for the atmosphere, for the nature and for the architecture. All that combined makes Louisiana Museum of Modern Art something truly special, and is the reason why it is #wheretogo.