Sons of William SS16

The Copenhagen-based unisex brand, Sons of William, is ready with their new SS16 collection entitled “Dust Esthetique” – and as with their previous collection, they do not disappoint.

Back in September, Sons of William presented the new collection during New York Fashion Week. The showing took place in an empty 2000 square-feet gallery space in Chelsea, and to back up the models, an installation of multi non-parallel projections was set to emphasize the emotions and visual inspiration behind the collection.

Given the fact that this is only Sons of William’s second showing at NYFW, it is encouraging to see the owners, Victor and Julius Juul, seeking to stand out in the crowd. Compared to many other Danish brands, they really have a talent of creating riveting narratives that further underline the vision of their collections.

The picture below shows the two owners and brothers, Victor (left) and Julius (right), at a photo-shoot for “Dust Esthetique”, photographed by Victor Jones.


”The Outcasts” vs. ”The Civilized Assembly”

 The new collection “Dust Esthetique” consists of 44 pieces inspired by a post-apocalyptic society, which is constantly being terrorized by dust storms. The remainder of mankind has been divided into two war-torn districts, “The Outcasts” and “The Civilized Assembly”.

“The Outcasts” are characterized by wearing slightly frayed, distressed garments like hooded sweatshirts, drawstring shorts and graphic printed tees. On the contrary, “The Civilized Assembly” is depicted wearing structured and more functional garments with features such as 3D pockets, stainless steel chains and zippers. The overall color palette is kept simple with sand being the most prevalent.

The collection is to be released in the beginning of next year, and will be available on the Sons of William webshop as well as in selected stores only.

Below you can take a look at an excerpt from the new collection and decide for yourself, whether you want to join “The Outcasts” or “The Civilized Assembly”.