Wardrobe Essentials

We all have our own wardrobe essentials, which we use as key elements to put together our favorite outfits. It may be a vintage leather jacket, a pair of distressed denim jeans or maybe it’s just a basic black roll-edge tee. No matter what your wardrobe essentials contain, they are of crucial importance to you and to your personal style.

This article dives into the wardrobe of 3 of the most influential menswear bloggers in Denmark, who were all willing to share with us their wardrobe essentials!


Lasse Ribergård 

Lasse is one half of the extremely popular blog Sidsel & Lasse, where he and his girlfriend Sidsel write about everything from food and fashion to city-guides and relationship lingo. Besides being a successfully blogger and “the guy you would introduce to your mother”, he also works for the Danish fashion brand MINIMUM as PR and Marketing Coordinator.

Lasse’s style can be described as being very modern, as he manages to successfully mix street elements with classic silhouettes. Here are Lasse’s 5 wardrobe essentials:

1. MINIMUM navy wool coat
“I recently purchased a great wool coat from MINIMUM, where I work. I actually already had one, so now I have two – I guess that underlines how much of a wardrobe essential I consider this piece of clothing to be. A simple, single breasted wool coat in black or navy goes with almost anything and is a must have in a man’s wardrobe.” (MINIMUM Waverly Wool Coat)

2. COS black chelsea boots
“I got these a couple of years ago in Hamburg and I’ve been using them frequently ever since. They have a thick, chunky sole that make them look less dressy and more rugged. Other than that, they’re very simple with grained leather, heel pull and wide elastic bands. Perfect with jeans or for dressing down a suit.” (COS Grip-Sole Chelsea Boots)

3. Black Acne Studios jeans
“I have many pairs of black jeans, but there’s one pair that I’m particularly fond of. I actually got them on sale a couple of years ago. A great bargain, considering how much I’ve used them since. The model is the cropped and high waisted ‘Jones’ that has adjustable straps at the waist. Cropped jeans and trousers weren’t as big a thing when I bought them as they are now, so I really felt that they were different in a cool way.” 

4. Won Hundred black suede zip jacket
“Also a rather recent purchase, but definitely already becoming one of my wardrobe favourites. I can’t get enough suede at the moment and this simple jacket in black suede with a silver zipper and shirt collar just does it for me. It hits the spot between 70’s inspiration and modern day aesthetics perfectly.” 

5. Whyred grey double breasted blazer
“This piece has been in my wardrobe for at least six or seven years, and I still use it to this day. I find it really well fitting and suitable for many different occasions. It has no cuff buttons and no back vent, so it comes off as a bit more relaxed than your average blazer, which makes it very versatile.”


Virgil Nicholas

Virgil is not only one of the most influential menswear bloggers in Denmark, but also one of the founders of the Copenhagen-based brand Les Deux. Furthermore, does he have his own consulting agency “Courtesy de V”, through where he works with styling, PR and branding. To mention one of his latest accomplishments, he just launched a range of Baseball caps – one for each day of the week. Check them out here.

Virgil is an incredibly versatile gentleman, which is also expressed in his wardrobe and overall style. He is bold and isn’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. Take a look at his essentials below:

1. Dark brown leather Mulberry backpack
“My beloved Mulberry backpack. It looks small but it can actually contain every single necessary bit of me. Also, it just gets more beautiful with time. It’s a sample so an absolute one-of a kind, which definitely pleases me even more using this every day.” (Mulberry Backpacks)

2. Miansai white-rope-and-anchor bracelet
“It is very simple and to some it looks almost weird when worn with a suit, but the contrast and the numerous memories that the bracelet offers me is everything.” (Miansai Anchor Bracelets)

3. A baseball cap
“Whether worn or in my backpack, I absolutely need to have one on me. You never know. You should have a cap for each day in your life, free of logos and full of style.” (Créations Grey Slacks Baseball Caps)

4. Coats
“You have got to have at least two: one for your daily labor and another one for evenings with the Misses. Amongst my daily essentials I have at least three navy coats to chose from. Varying in lengths, collars and cuts it all depends on the remaining outfit. Compared to very hyped camel coats and dull black ones, blue for me goes with everything much better.” (Blue Overcoats at Mr. Porter)

5. IRO jeans
“Currently Iro has gotten the best of me when it comes to jeans. Fit and shape is amongst the best you can get from a high-end fashion brand. Having no less than 5 pairs there is luckily more than enough to consider this an essential.” (IRO Jeans)


Alexander Gram

Alexander (right), also known as the PreppyBeast, is one of Denmark’s most prominent fashion-bloggers right now, blogging for Euroman. Furthermore is he the co-owner of the menswear accessory brand AN IVY, which he founded in 2013 with Nikolaj Dylsing (left).

As you might have guessed, Alexander’s style is rather preppy containing a lot of blazers, dress pants and of course ties. Check out his essentials here:

1. Grey Acne blazer
“I have a special relationship with all of my blazers. They are all carefully selected, which is why they also stay with me for years. My favorite though is a grey 3-button Acne blazer. It is simple, timeless and has beautiful details.” (Acne Drifter Blazer)

2. Dr. Martens black brogues
“To me black brogues are iconic, and I wear them almost every day. I especially have a passion for Dr. Martens version, as they have some sort of rawness about them. Of course I dream about owning a pair of brogues from Thom Browne in the future.” (Dr. Martens 3989 brogues)

3. AN IVY tie
“In my opinion it is important for a man to have a large selection of ties. Of course I prefer my own AN IVY ties, where you are able to find something to fit any occasion that might present itself.” (AN IVY)

4. Raf Simons x adidas Ozweego
“When you just want to go casual, you need to have a pair of cool designer sneakers. I personally have a deep fascination and admiration of Raf Simons and his design-aesthetic. I especially adore the Ozweego-model, which he makes in collaboration with adidas.” (Ozweego 2 at Storm Fashion)

5. 1983 Omega Constellation
“Every man should own a nice watch. I prefer vintage Omega watches, which is not only extremely beautiful but also fairly priced to some extent. Right now, my favorite is my Constellation. With that said, I have been dreaming of a silver Rolex Oyster Perpetual.” (Omega Constellation watches at Chrono24)